Top 6 anonymous website hosting providers

Top 6 anonymous website hosting providers

There are a few things that should be cleared before we begin this list of the best anonymous website hosting providers. I’ll keep it brief.

First, what does ‘anonymous website hosting’ even mean? Although you and I probably know what it is, I want to make sure we have the same understanding.

Anonymous Website Hosting

What is an anonymous website?

Having an anonymous website does not necessarily mean you are associated with Anonymous movement, or that you are a criminal. While some might consider an anonymous website a privilege in countries where freedom of speech does not exist, in truth, having an anonymous website is a civil right.

Everyone, who operates within the regulations of the law, has the right to be anonymous. That is, to have their identity hidden from what they choose to share on the Internet. While this is a right, more than 99% of the hosting providers do not offer this. You are forced to give your personal identification as well your online banking details.

What are the benefits of choosing an anonymous website hosting?

It’s simple. Untraceability. You don’t have to give your personal identification, nor your online banking details. You can choose to pay with a Bitcoin, which is not on your name.

How can I stay anonymous apart from taking anonymous hosting?

Some anonymous website hosting providers allow you to pay with PayPal or via bank transfer. DON’T DO THAT. Under enough pressure, they will release your payment info and they will know who you are. Choose to pay with Bitcoin, or with one of the alternative crypto-currencies, such as Litecoin.

It’s also very obvious that you do not to mention your name on your website, but you already knew that. Now that you are well informed, here is a list of the best anonymous website hosting providers on the Internet right now.

# 6.

AnonHoster, is a very fresh anonymous hosting provider and thus deserves a chance on our list. The website is clear in what they offer. They offer just web hosting and domains.

Anonymous service plans:
Their web hosting plan starts from €2.95/monthly and comes with 200MB storage, 2GB storage, and 1 hosted domain. Before you say that it takes only 40 pictures or 1 video to fill up 200MB, remember that this is not regular hosting, but “anonymous hosting”. Their largest web hosting plan costs €29.95/monthly and comes with 25GB storage, 100GB transfer, and 20 hosted domains. Not bad, but neither is the price. Their domains are regularly priced, which makes me to believe that there is nothing anonymous about them.

My recommendation:
I would not recommend using them since they only accept PayPal. If you have PayPal set up on a different name, it is possible. Otherwise, it is not anonymous at all. I suggest acknowledging the existence of and moving on.

# 5.

As you can see by the domain extension, AnonymousHosting is an Indian provider. While India is not known for creating anonymous or offshore hosts, they know how to do things right when it comes to IT. For example, they claim to host their servers in the Netherlands, which is a good sign.

They offer anonymous hosting, anonymous domains, and anonymous VPS’s.

Anonymous service plans:
Their shared hosting plans called ‘LowCost Shared Web Hosting’ comes with unlimited domains, 100MB disk storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited MySQL databases. This is good when your website is mostly text and has no images or videos. 100MB is quite low.

Their cheapest VPS is called Basic VPS and it costs €29.95/month. It comes with CPU Speed 1 x 3.30GHz, 1GB guaranteed RAM, 25GB disk storage, and 2TB monthly bandwidth.

My recommendation:
Their plans are reasonably priced, but what puts me off are their payment options: Credit Cards, PayPal, MoneyGram, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, and Bank Transfer. Only one of these options is anonymous. Goes to show how badly they want to sell instead of keeping the privacy of their clients.

# 4. appears to be from the same owners as that we discussed above. They also have their servers located in the Netherlands. Like, they only offer anonymous web hosting, anonymous domain registration, and virtual private servers.

Anonymous service plans:
Their smallest hosting is called the mini plan, but there is nothing mini about it. It costs €9.95/month and comes with unlimited domains, 1,000MB disk storage, and unlimited bandwidth. Their VPS’s start from €29.95/month and comes with the exact specs as that of CPU Speed 1 x 3.30GHz, 1GB guaranteed RAM, 25GB disk storage, and 2TB monthly bandwidth.

My recommendation:
I would be vary with their unlimited plans. Before you know it, they’ll ask you to migrate to a (better) VPS. If you wish to use VindoHosting, ask them for real numbers that are hidden behind these ‘unlimited’ plans.

# 3. is the most popular on this list due to their extensive marketing. If you have done some research on anonymous hosting before coming here, it’s very likely that you know them. After analyzing what they offer in comparison to their prices, I’ve concluded that they deserve the 3rd spot on this list.

Anonymous service plans: offers the full package: domains, shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and management for those who don’t know. For their shared hosting, their offer only yearly plans. $70.80/year if you want to host in Asia, $68.00/year if you want to host in North America, and $79.10/year if you want to host in Europe.

Their VPS’s are pricey. $33.00/month will get you 0.88 GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 20GB Disk Space, and 100GB Bandwidth. Get ready to pay $240/month if you want have 5GB RAM or more.

Dedicated servers start from $148.85/month. For this price, you get a Intel Xeon E3-1220LV2 processor, 2 Cores, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDDx2 RAID 1, 5TB of monthly data transfer, 2 dedicated IPs, and CentOS 6.5.

My recommendation:
If you are looking for anonymous hosting in a specific region like Asia, America, or Europe, then you might consider getting their shared hosting plan. Also, their dedicated servers are reasonably priced. The VPS’s are way too pricey for what you get. 33 bucks for 512MB of RAM? C’mon.

# 2. is an anonymous email service provider, but it also specializes in offering anonymous hosting. They are old timers, with open doors since 1996. What they offer is quite specialized: linux shared hosting, windows shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers.

Anonymous service plans:
– Their anonymous linux shared hosting starts from €29.95/month (1 year payment required) and comes with 100GB storage, unmetered data transfer, and 1 allowed domain.
– Their anonymous windows hosting starts from €29.95/month (1 year payment required) as well and comes 10GB of storage, 10GB of data transfer, and 1 allowed domain.
– Their anonymous virtual private servers start from €49.95/month (1 year payment required) and comes with 20GB of disk space, 250GB monthly bandwidth, and 1GB of RAM.
– Their anonymous dedicated servers start from €149/month (+ €50/month) and comes with Core i3-3000 processor, 500GB storage, 4GB memory, 1 IP address, and 1TB of bandwidth.

My recommendation: clearly knows what they are doing. They have an extensive understanding of how to be anonymous, and thus ask high prices for their services. I would recommend them if your primary focus is anonymous email sending, while anonymous hosting is your secondary activity.

# 1.

I’ve chosen because it finds a nice balance between price and quality of service. They are, in my opinion, the most affordable solution when it comes to anonymous hosting.

Anonymous service plans:
Their shared hosting plans called Anonymous Web Hosting starts from $4.95/month 0.7 Core CPU Speed, 512MB of RAM, 50GB of bandwidth, and 10GB SSD. Their VPS’s start from $14.99/month and come with 1GB RAM Memory, Xeon E5-2650 v2 processor (1 core), 15GB SSD (RAID 10), 1 IP address, Unmetered traffic, 100Mbps guaranteed, and full root access.

My recommendation:
While their domains are a bit on the pricey side compared to others on this list, it’s definitely worth trying their shared hosting or VPS. It’s cool that they list the specific specs you get with shared hosting, instead of lies about unlimited. What you see is what you get.

And there it is: top 6 anonymous website hosting providers.

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